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Here I will tell you a little about me and what got me into all this?

I've been into boards of many forms as long as i can remember, I had a skateboard from when i was about 8 years old, I bought my 1st board of choice when i was 14, a 29"x10" PIG with Tracker trucks and Sims wheels. This got me about, but apart from just skating around the most i could ever do on it was ollie up a curb, tic-tac for miles and a 360 or two. By this time My Dad was a keen windsurfer and holidays in Dorset, Bude and Devon had us all boogie(body)boarding. This is still something i love to do and now with my brother moving down that way, i'm sure it always will be? The skateboards took a back seat once i was able to get a motor bike, then a car, I didn't really get back to all this untill spring of 2004, when the best change in my life left me happy and able to follow my interest in skateboards again.

My brother (Dave) and brother in-law (Jonny), have had longboards and surfboards for a while and they had also made their own 70's style 5'+ longboards, but after a break in to a garage, they were lost. After buying a cheap 39" deck and Jonny upgrading the trucks and wheels for me, we found some hills and I was hooked. I wanted more, different shapes, trucks and wheels. With so much on offer, but little money I was interested to see how easy it would be to make my own deck? The Manitee was born, this was the begining of what you will see has become a big part of me and a great deal of satisfaction. It's been mentioned that i could sell them as every one i have made, has been very unique and very personal to the boarder. It would be nice to think that i could end up working at something that i love, but right now its really just a hobby and i love every minute.

Since starting the site i have made a few more boards and there are now 3 pages of pictures, theres a bit of a running story with some of them so dont forget to come back again, they just keep coming.
I am now selling on E-bay, find me under 'munchh, longboard or skateboard'. Look in the gallery for the 'classic 36 pro' this is the board I am selling.

Ain't it sweet!!


This is the board that started it all, if you want to see more of what i've been upto, click the picture to get to the gallery.

The boards

The boards i have made for my own fun, although i made two for my daughter and nephew for christmas. All sofar are made of 'Birch' ply, i've tried a few different ways of finnishing the boards and as you may have realised, i've taken some time on the grip tape.


I've tried to make as many different styles as i can, i've found that its quite hard not to come up with something that hasn't already been done, so although all the shapes are my own, i have made some familiar shapes, as there are some classics, but some i hope have not been seen before. Check out the solid redwood pine and oak decks, a 70's feel with modern hardware. 


This is hopefully the new T-shirt design, going to have some testers done then I may put them on the site for sale?